Tuesday, May 28, 2013


"A contempory multiple perspecitve YA serial sure to become an instant addiction."
- Reader Review

It was supposed to be the start of a new semester for six childhood friends. They were finally seniors and ready rule Crissana high before leaving their small desert town behind. But no sooner after their senior bonfire was lit, did one of their lives come to a crashing end.
EMMITT’s just lost his twin sister ELLIE, while KRISTEN and TRISTAN can’t wait to experience twin-free lives. CONNOR struggles to be everyone else’s “rock”, while HANNAH’s life is crumbling around her. They all miss Ellie, who if it weren’t for SEAN, would still be alive.
Each has his or her own issues they’ve been covering up, but under the watchful eye of DAX, the anonymous Sun Vlogger, no secret is safe. One click of his mouse could devastate them all and sever their ties for good, but only if the mysterious “CARELESS CITIZEN” doesn’t beat him to it.